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Ongoing marketing mentorship and coaching package

Like having your own in-house marketing consultant - just there where you really need me.

Four hours of one-to-one support, to be used when you need it, on a flexible basis.

I developed this package in response to demand mainly from writers who’ve already worked with me and who wanted ongoing support with the marketing and promotion of their work, often on a flexible basis. But I am also open to new clients in any creative field booking this arrangement if you think this would work well for you.

Most often these sessions are used as a check in, to generate fresh ideas, plan for an upcoming event or launch, or assess what’s working well in the way you market and promote your work, and what can be modified and improved.

But you can use the time for any any element of your marketing development including:

  • Building an authentic personal brand

  • Marketing strategy, including setting objectives, identifying your audiences and key messages

  • Digital and social media

  • Media interview training

  • Content creation - for example video or effective emails

  • Any combination of the above, depending on what you need

  • Planning marketing and promotion focused on a specific event, for example a book launch or an exhibition.

I provide my one-to-one clients with resources to use in their own time and set 'homework' to those who want it.

This is a package of four hours of one-to-one time which can be booked one session a month, one session a quarter, or individual sessions (half hour minimum) booked when needed at any time over a year.

Please note I am sometimes fully booked several months in advance - I’ll always try to fit in ongoing clients but there won’t always be last minute slots available so it’s worth considering booking your sessions in advance. As long as you contact me to book the sessions in the year, I'll make sure you get your time - you won't miss out because I'm booked up!

Ongoing marketing mentorship and coaching: £400 for four hours of one-to-one time, to be used flexibly as you need it.


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