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Don't take my word for it... What do the people I've worked with say?

Francesca Howell, Development Manager at The Society of Authors, says: 

"Such a great session packed full of information. Everyone was so engaged and I know they got a lot out of it. Here’s a selection of the comments from our members: 

  • Amazing content Anna! This has been so helpful...! Thank you!

  • Fantastic, thank you Anna. That was so insightful and practical.

  • Thanks, Anna. Really useful and encouraging session.

  • So relevant and useful -- thank you

  • Fabulous session Anna - thanks so much!

  • Fantastic, so clear and helpful.”

Michelle Matthews, Author, says:

Anna’s training was really helpful and packed full of useful advice. Her approach is very down-to-earth and she understands how many authors feel (overwhelmed, mystified, and panicked) at the prospect of marketing their work. She understands what goes into writing novels and what kinds of things authors are most likely to need help doing—her training is meaningful and tailored in this way.

I’d add that I found the training useful as part of my writing process. I’m not a published novelist (yet), but thinking about branding and marketing as I’m writing my first book means that the two things can inform each other as I go along. In fact, writing my brand story inspired some of the imagery I’ll be using in the novel!

Sarah Dalton/ Sarah A Denzil, Author, says

Anna's course on branding and marketing was a fantastic dive into an area that many creatives struggle with. She breaks the subject down into small chunks that really helped me focus on the most effective ways to market my personal brand. I would definitely recommend training with Anna. It makes an intimidating subject less scary and I think all creatives will come away with some useful insights.

Hugh Mann Adamson, Film Producer, says:
Anna’s training was informative, inclusive and engaging. I went away with a better understanding of what I wanted to do with my business and afterwards I couldn’t help but praise and recommend Anna to my colleagues and clients.

Libby Cutts, Writer, says: 

I came to Anna's workshop as a new writer thinking I might be rather ahead of myself - learning about brand and marketing before I even have an agent, but I found it immensely helpful and interesting. The exercises on brand were particularly useful to a developing writer because it helped me to focus, to think about the kind of writer I want to be. These are topics that creative people would often prefer not to think about but I really came away feeling that what I learned did feed back into the creative work itself, giving it clarity and direction.

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