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The course contains six video lessons and follows the structure of a marketing strategy, walking you through each stage of the process and supporting you to apply the techniques in a way that works for you. By the end, you will have produced your own marketing strategy - set objectives, identified target audiences who are likely to be interested in reading your work, planned how you'll reach them and what you'll say to make them sit up and take notice.

Whether you're an established author looking to give your marketing a boost, you're planning the launch of your debut book or you’re a novice just starting to think about publishing a short story on your blog, this course will provide you with a toolkit of essential marketing knowledge to start building connections with readers and potential readers.

Rae Reynolds said: "Anna’s online Marketing for Writers Course was fantastic – easy to follow with bite-size video clips which took me through all the necessary steps to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. I've been feeling daunted by having to market my book, but the course showed me a variety of ways I could reach an audience without feeling I’m only there to try and sell it!

"It also really made me stop and consider what my book is about, and the themes I need to bring out which will help me target my audience."

The Marketing MOT - sharpening


This is a great option if you want to review what’s working well in your current promotion and marketing and get professional advice on what could be improved, as well as generate some fresh ideas.

How it works

  • You send me your current marketing and promotion to review: your website, mailing list information and recent emails, your social media platforms, copies of any collateral, your ‘pitch’... anything that you currently use to market and promote your work (and please don’t worry if you don’t have most of these already, these are just examples)

  • I produce a one-page review document of tailored advice for you

  • We schedule an hour’s one-to-one session where we talk through my advice and, if you’d like, generate further ideas together for promotional activity that will improve or complement what you’re already doing.

Who is the marketing MOT for?

The marketing MOT is aimed at writers and other creative people who are already doing at least some marketing and promotion of their work. I love to help people who are just starting out too but, if this applies to you, you'd probably be better off booking standard one-to-one sessions.

The cost of your marketing MOT: audit, review and ideas generator package is £200

Jumping for joy - one-to-one support


I provide one-to-one support and coaching with:

  • Building an authentic personal brand

  • Marketing strategy, including setting objectives, identifying your audiences and key messages

  • Digital and social media

  • Media interview training

  • Content creation - for example video or effective emails

  • Any combination of the above, depending on what you need

  • Marketing and promotion focused on a specific event, for example a book launch or an exhibition.

I provide my one-to-one clients with resources to use in their own time and set 'homework' to those who want it.

Suzanne Snow, author and one-to-one client, says: "Over our four sessions, Anna has provided informative, relevant and expert content that I’ve found so helpful as I approach the publication of my first book. Anna delivers her sessions with great professionalism, warmth, enthusiasm and insight. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for communications and marketing content and advice."

Tailored one-to-one support: £120 for an hour or £400 for a series of four sessions, usually one a week for four weeks.



Like having your own in-house marketing consultant - just there where you really need me

Four hours of one-to-one support, to be used when you need it, on a flexible basis.

I developed this package in response to demand mainly from writers who’ve already worked with me and who wanted ongoing support with the marketing and promotion of their work, often on a flexible basis. But I am also open to new clients in any creative field booking this arrangement if you think this would work well for you. 

Most often these sessions are used as a check in, to generate fresh ideas, plan for an upcoming event or launch, or assess what’s working well in the way you market and promote your work, and what can be modified and improved. 

This is a package of four hours of one-to-one time which can be booked one session a month, one session a quarter, or individual sessions (half hour minimum) booked when needed at any time over a year. 

Please note I am sometimes fully booked several months in advance - I’ll always try to fit in ongoing clients but there won’t always be last minute slots available so it’s worth considering booking your sessions in advance. As long as you contact me to book the sessions in the year, I'll make sure you get your time - you won't miss out because I'm booked up!

Ongoing marketing mentorship and coaching: £400 for four hours of one-to-one time, to be used flexibly as you need it. 



This expert training has been devised to equip you with the skills to perform at your best in an interview setting - how to devise key messages and how to communicate them well, including techniques for dealing with challenging interviews.

We also include a focus on the online interviews which have become ‘the new normal’ during the Covid-19 pandemic if required.

It’s not all about the traditional media these days, though. Good interview technique will also serve you well in a range of modern communications settings, from a guest slot on a podcast to a piece of short video content.

The content we cover:

  • How to plan and practice key messages - the single most important thing you can do to make the most of an interview situation

  • How to control an interview - yes, answer the questions put to you, but it is more important to steer the interview into the content you want to cover and ensure you convey your key messages

  • Practical techniques for dealing with difficult or challenging questions

  • Demystifying the media interview situation - understanding different types of media interviews and how they work, so you know what to expect and feel more relaxed in the interview setting

  • How to use good media interview technique in a range of modern communications settings, from a guest slot on a podcast to creating your own video content

  • How to shine in an online interview, including tips for spokespeople setting up their interview space working from home

  • Practice interviews with constructive feedback.

Your trainer

Anna Caig tutors on the MA Journalism course at The University of Sheffield and is the former Head of Communications at Sheffield City Council. She has led the reputation management, media relations and crisis comms strategy on many high risk and sensitive issues.

Anna has 20 years of strategic communications and PR experience, specialising in corporate reputation management, public sector comms leadership, crisis communications and strategic marketing campaigns She is a freelance communications consultant and media trainer, as well as running a business training writers and other creative people to do their own branding and publicity.

She has trained media spokespeople to deliver information in the most challenging and high pressure situations, as well as to promote positive good news and build an audience.

Tailored one-to-one media training including a practice interview: £300 for 1.5 hours

Media training for up to six people including practice: £600 for 2 hours

Support available to book now: Lessons
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